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2016 was a year for the books.  I'm not entirely sure which books, or where to place it, but it was definitely noteworthy. In 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2016 my husband ran for office. In 2016 our daughter's life was spared, in not one, but TWO car wrecks. In 2016 our son's car finally gave out. In 2016 our sweet cat, Monster-Mash, died of a heart attack. In 2016 our family faced great heartbreak in more than one relationship. On the other side of the coin... In 2016 I fought breast cancer and won. In 2016 my husband won, not one, but THREE elections, making him our county's next Court Clerk. In 2016 our daughter's life was spared and God generously replaced all of the cars we lost. In 2016 our family learned about forgiveness, love, difficult decisions and how to move forward while hurting. So, perhaps you see my dilemma...what book could possibly hold all of this, and what title would I give it? The year we survived ? Hardly. We d

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