Before I go any further...

I HAVE to introduce you to a very special and beautiful person in the lives of "Me & Mine."
Meet Tessica Carter.
She's the pretty one to the right.

Tess became a permanent fixture in our lives and hearts in the Summer of 2007. She had an adorable way of making herself at home with us and we've decided to keep her.
She has become the older sister that the younger two never would have had. And they love her. L-O-V-E her. We all do.

Tess comes over and takes the kids shopping. Has sleepovers. Enjoys my specialty coffee. And pretends to like my jokes.

She also does hair. For my girl and all her friends.

And she's a pageant girl. Which we think is very cool.

But she's not above helping move a hay bale should the need arise. Which makes her that much cooler.

We love Tess so much and are very thankful to God for bringing her into the lives of "Me & Mine." Lives that are that much more beautiful because of her presence in them. God is good.


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