Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

Thursday already??
Let's try this 'Awkward & Awesome' thing out again, shall we?

First I'll post pics that may or may not have anything to do with Awkward or Awesome, primarily because a post without pics is a sad post indeed, and primarily to the 2nd, because I have been having way too much fun with Phixr lately.
Bear with me, lovelies.

yep. they are all mine. awesome, aren't they?

Awkward & Awesome.
-Answering the door in your pajamas. At noon. There just isn't an awesome explanation for it.
-Not realizing until too late that the construction worker guy is waving at you from his truck. Wondering if he thinks you are being rude by not waving back. Spending all day worrying about it and then making an absolute point to wave vigorously at him the next time you see him. Only for him to not even realize that you are waving at him which leaves all of his construction worker buddies staring at you like you are some sort of desperate housewife stalker woman. No. I am not obsessed with construction workers, despite last weeks equally awkward incident. Nervous is more like it. Wish they would just get off of our street already. Too much pressure.
-Picking up and walking away with the display bag of coffee beans at the Starbucks register. The one I didn't pay for and had pretty much no idea I was even holding. Thankfully the cashier was pretty cool about it when I returned it. She must see her fair share of weirdos. Or someone told her about me. 
-Stepping into the front yard while having a bad hair, bad makeup, and pretty much bad everything day. At the exact moment the world's most beautiful neighbor steps into her front yard. Really??
-Having a friend show me what she seems to think are good pictures of me. 
no. way. Really??
Ummm....I don't want to see the ones you think are bad. Ok?

-Having a million of the Michelina's Meatloaf and mashed potato frozen dinners in the fridge because they were on sale for fifty-freakin-cents! And a million may or may not be an exaggeration.
-Lime popsicles.
-Starbucks new blend "Blonde."
-Realizing that most of my 'Awesome's' are related to food and being ok with that.
-Living next to the world's most beautiful neighbor. Who is too awesome to not absolutely adore! Even when I am having a pretty much bad everything day.
-Having a house full of people that love me.
-Cats that like to snuggle.
-Spending mornings wrapped in the quilt my sister made. Just for me. And a cup of Starbucks "blonde."
-Receiving two invites to lunch this week from sons who love their momma. 
-A husband who does dishes.
-Coke Zero; aka CRACK
-God. He is awesome.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by!
Here's to a fab-u-lous rest of the week!
Much love...


Sarah said…
Yes. Cats that love to snuggle are the BEST! And I totally wear my pajamas all day if I can. I don't blame you!
Elisabeth said…
just found your blog from hollies link up and its adorable! i'm your newest follower and i'd love for you to follow me back!

ps. i'm hosting a link up tomorrow on things that inspire us and i would love for you to link up!
Anonymous said…
I have that Panama City Beach shirt except mine is purple! :) Happy to be your newest follower.
Stephanie said…
I've heard blonde is delish. I might have to give it a try tomorrow!
Melanie Mueller said…
SO cute!! Your kiddos are adorable!!
Thanks for following me. I am your newest follower!!!
Melanie Mueller said…
Oh btw, it is VERY awesome that your boys are inviting you to lunch! I sure hope my boys grow up to do that too!! =)
Melanie Mueller said…
Oh btw, it is VERY awesome that your boys are inviting you to lunch! I sure hope my boys grow up to do that too!! =)

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