Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Lately it seems like several bloggers are jumping on the Awkward & Awesome bandwagon.
Sounds good to me!
I always enjoy something new, and who knows maybe this will be the start of a trend!
Gracious. There are more than enough awkward's & awesome's to fill my blog posts.

By the way, the pictures have nothing to do with being awesome or awkward.
I just wanted to share.
Thank you lovelies, for letting me!

So here goes, My Very First Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!

-Freaking out on facebook about how I can't seem to get a certain app loaded to my Android phone. An Iphone only app. Ooohhhhhh. Gotcha.

-Posting a three page essay "All About Me" on the Student Introduction page of my new online class. Only to find out later that everyone else maxed at approximately two sentences. Awkward. So glad I didn't go ahead & attach the self-portrait. Excited to start school much??

-That moment when you spend forever texting back and forth with someone trying to figure out what on earth the other person is even talking about. Only to discover that they are merely confused over a text they just received from you. One that you sent two days prior. Really?? Where the heck has that text been for the last forty-eight hours? Hanging out in cyberspace asking for directions? Then the person doesn't think it's nearly as funny as you think it is and you're super glad you didn't send that picture of yourself snorting with laughter over what you thought was the funniest incident all week! Get out much? Ummm. Nope.

-That moment when you do get out and after waiting for the bank teller to finish your transaction, you stand there playing with your phone until she asks you what else you need...You look up and realize that you must have missed the "dismissal" part of the conversation and that you and your phone have been the focal point of crazy eye stares for several minutes now.

-Flatulence. You just can't make enough squeaky shoe noises to cover it up.

-Walking past construction workers while trying to look normal and completely void of insecurity. Trying way too hard and instead creating some sort of Michael Jackson/Hobbit walk. Yeah. It was that bad.


-When my kids come home from school and actually want to spend time with me. With or without homemade cookies.
-A husband who has mastered the art of listening.

-Coke Zero.
-Living 4 minutes from a store that sells Coke Zero.
-Kids that love Science Fiction. And Disney.

-All things Disney. Including the Singing Sorcerer hat that sits on my mantle. I push the button on a regular basis and smile.
-Chocolate chip cookies.
-Pants that are getting too big. Despite the chocolate chip cookies.

-My son's Senior Pics.
-Having two sons who have successfully graduated from high school.
-Not feeling the slightest bit old. Despite all the successfully graduated seniors in the house.
-God is good.

Ok. Posting this picture twice because I think he's really cute.
Thank you.


awkward is always awesome :)
homeschoolmom4 said…
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homeschoolmom4 said…
Ha ha! The construction worker incident was my fav! :)

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