The First Post...

This will be the very first official post for The Me & Mine Book. Which I'm very excited about. Very. Excited.
I have been a stay-at-home mom/housewife for 20 years now. Wow. When did that happen? I must have blinked or turned around or something. (Excuse me...tissue moment.)
Ok, all better now. 
So, for 20 years I have been cleaning, and cooking, and crafting, and disciplining, and cleaning, and homeschooling, and get the point. 
It's time I talked a little bit about it. It's time I shared my 20 years experience of ups and downs, mishaps, burned meals, lessons learned, and adventures experienced. It's time I shared my story with the world like all the rest of the bloggers out there. And hopefully someone will listen.
Considering the fact that a woman must get in approximately 24 THOUSAND words a day, AND considering that none of my friends or family care to listen to that many of my words, this blog seemed the perfect way to go. Not only can I get in all of the leftover words that the members of my household aren't eager to hear, but I can happily post away, choosing to believe that you actually enjoy reading what I have to say. 
Sooooo, for you....happy reading. As for myself, I plan to be very happy while blogging! It beats the heck out of cleaning.


Leslie said…
Sweet! I love blogging. I'll add you to mine so I see when you blog :) Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Look at You!

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