This is an important part of my life.
This is my little sister, Lori.
She amazes me.
I remember the first time I knew that I was amazed by her.
We were at her house & I was watching her interact with two of my children.
She was teasing them.
Giving them a hard time.
The stuff aunts are expected to do.
If they're any good at being aunts.
 Lori is.

And while I watched her, smiling, laughing, playing around, I realized that she is amazing.
As a matter of fact, I think it is the first time I really remember "seeing" her.
Not just as a little sister. But as a person.
I remember thinking that she had grown into a very BEAUTIFUL person.
And I was proud.
I still am.

Lori is amazing because she is beautiful in a business suit.
And sweats & a tee shirt.
She is amazing because she has the ability to raise two beautiful, precious children in this upside down world.
She is amazing because she knows how to laugh at herself.
And just laugh in general.
Which makes her fun to be around.

She has a sweet smile and an innocent spirit.
Anyone who knows her can't help but love her.
And hug her.

Lori is amazing because she has taught herself to quilt.
And many others as well.
Me included.
Her quilts are also amazing. Just like her.
But, she never brags. Just smiles while I brag about her.

I could go on and on.
And someday I will.
Periodically there will be "Lori" posts for you to enjoy.
And I will tell you more of the reasons I am blessed to have a sister like Lori.
Who is amazing.


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