The Older Two...

I have two older teenage boys who claim to live here.
I'm not convinced.
Occasionally I see their faces, or hear the sound of their guitar music wafting down the hall.

Why do children grow up?
Don't they know that when they are born, a mother's heart is born?
And that she wears it on the outside of her body for the rest of her life?
Where it is exposed to all sorts
of possible damage?

But children don't understand this.
They grow up despite the warnings. Despite the pleas.
Despite the shameless begging from their mother. (Who is wearing curlers and a housecoat at the time.)
Clearly an embarrassing situation for both parties.

However, there are days when I remember, and I think they do as well, that we are still connected.
With a parent/child bond that can never be broken.

These are the moments when they hug me for no reason.
Write me a song for Mother's Day.
Or check on me because I've slept past my normal time in the morning.

These moments make my little heart smile. The little heart that sits on the outside of my body and waits
for "kid approval." (sigh)

And at this point, I'll take what I can get.
Even if they are just stopping by to take a shower. "Borrow my expensive shampoo? Of COURSE!
Would you like a brownie as well?"
"Need me to hem your jeans? CERTAINLY!! I'm bored anyway!"
I'm shameless.
At least my hair isn't in curlers.



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