I found this picture today. It was tucked into a file of Disney pictures from '09, and threatening to be forgotten. Never. Not a picture this precious.

This is one of those pictures that has nothing perfect about it. Photographically speaking. Emotionally, it speaks volumes.
If I remember correctly, this picture was taken during a rather stressful season in our lives. However, when I look at this picture that is not what I see. Instead I think of just how blessed we are to have this sweet little girl in our lives. She brings much joy to this home and is a constant reminder that God is good. That He loves, and forgives. And offers peace. And new beginnings. She reminds us of this because this is her spirit. A spirit of peace.

No worries. The ship may be tossing and turning, but I know where I belong. Where I am safe, and who I am. And who my Daddy is.

God is good.

Read Mark 4:35-40 and you will see what I mean.


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