Today I was depressed.
It has been 14 days since my surgery and I have spent much of that time here.
At home.
In the house.
Doing nothing.
You get the point.

However, I did not write to whine about the woes and depths of my depression.
You're relieved, right?
Just be glad you didn't have to see it first hand.
It wasn't pretty.


By the time Husband came home, I had broken the "rules of healing properly" and swept and mopped the kitchen floor.
I had also opened a few windows and straightened the place a bit.
And...BONUS...I had the opportunity to visit with a VERY dear friend who dropped by to cheer me up.

As a result, Husband didn't have to endure much of my dark mood.
No more than a few despondent texts around lunch time.
(Which is also the time I finally crawled out of bed. Yes, I'm embarrassed. Keep in mind, I'm also healing.)

Once he was home, we sat and talked.
(Next to an open window and softly blowing curtains.)
That was nice.  
I felt better.
We talked about life. And work. The kids. The budget.
The stuff married couples talk about.
He even proposed a future shopping trip.
I felt much better.

Then we reheated last nights pizza, made a cake mix together, and watched the Gladiator.
I know. You're surprised.
I was too. It was a REALLY good movie.

And now I feel better.
I'm ready for bed.
And so glad that God has a way of making life *smile* even when I think I can't.
And He does it through Husbands.
Amazing friends.
And open windows.

God is good. And life is good...after all.


Leslie said…
Yes, God is good! Glad you cheered up. I hate feeling that way. I hope you continue to recover and get back to your old self soon.
Kimberly said…
You are amazing Christa... and I can't wait to shop at the Restaurant Supply store A.S.A.P

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