I have 276 things to think about today.
Make that 278.

Notice that I did not say I have 278 things to DO today.
I said I have 278 things to think about. (Translation: worry about)
Actually getting things accomplished may be difficult today, with all this thinking going on.
At least that is the way it feels this morning. As if all the problems of the world need to be solved.
By me.
Before coffee.

Therefore, the wisest course of action would be to...

Bury my face in the covers and attempt to go back to sleep.
B)Turn on the tv and have a donut. Or three.
C) Find the credit card, drive to the mall, and add to tomorrow's list of worries.
D)None of the above.

I opted for D.
I did crawl back into bed, however.
With my slightly worn out Bible, a cup of really good coffee, and some leftover berry cobbler from last night.
That's enough happiness to knock a couple of the worries off the list.
Or add to it, if my hips find out about the cobbler.

Ok. Back to plan D.
I opened my Bible, and found out that God is not surprised about the 279 things I feel obligated to worry about today. ( 279 because I went ahead and threw in the cobbler.)
Instead, He knew I would show up with my heavy load of concerns and was amply prepared.
Turns out, He has already taken on this big ol' world and has more than a few tricks up His sleeve.
Not only has He already faced everything I'm facing, planning to face, thinking I will face, or am worried about facing, but He has already conquered it as well, and has a plan.
To get through it.
Overcome it.
Come out on top.

Here's the catch.
I have to turn it over to Him.
Let Him think about it.
And let Him decide what needs to be handled today and what doesn't.
So I did just that.
I dropped off my load of dirty laundry (also known as unnecessary fretting and stewing) and allowed Him to sort through it.
Turns out there are a total of about FIVE things I need to think about today.
That leaves me plenty of time for the things I actually have to get accomplished. 

God is so good.
And I'm glad I know Him.
Do you?


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