Late April Fool's...

Recently I was browsing through my favorite blogs and ran across a cute idea for April Fool's Day.
I need to make it clear that I'm not usually a big proponent for April Fool's. 
The idea of a day devoted entirely to embarrassment and humiliation is just not my sort of thing.
Even if I am the one playing the prank.
I'm just way too concerned about the person's feelings to be able to pull off a good "tease."
Probably in reality I'm just way too sensitive and don't want to be teased in return.
This is probably closer to the truth.

At any rate, this April Fool's idea was just entirely too much fun and I simply could not pass it up.
Besides, no one would get hurt.
Be humiliated.
Brought to tears.
Or dowsed with water.

And the only supplies I would need were the following:
A bag of pretzel sticks.
Half a package of Almond Bark.
A dab of shortening.
And some yellow M&M's.

And before you can say...
"I can't believe I'm celebrating April Fool's Day...."

Bacon & Eggs!!!

Can you stand it??  
How adorable is that??
Told you.

And the kids absolutely loved them, by the way.
As did all the ladies at Husband's work because he took them a plate of bacon and eggs as well.  
Husband doesn't mind April Fool's Day so much.
Especially when the practical joking involves something edible & sweet.

To see the recipe and directions, you'll want to go here to view the post at Well Seasoned Life.
She has a lot of other good stuff too!



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