I sort of had plans for today's blog.
Something random about the recent activities of me and mine.
Nothing that can't wait.

Because this morning our dog passed away.

Sheena was a beautiful full blood Siberian Husky.
And this picture is the perfect picture of her because her favorite time of year was winter.
And her favorite thing to do was to play in the snow.

I realize I should probably write more.
About how much we loved her.
And will miss her.
And how she would always "talk" to us the way Huskies do.
Or how the kids had just spent special time with just her because she hadn't seemed herself lately.

I could also write about how thankful I am for animals and the joy they bring to a family.
How much God has used them to teach me about life, and thankfulness, and the simple things.
And how grateful I am to Him for creating such beautiful and amazing creatures.

And I will.
But not today.
Not right now.
Today I am sad.


Christa, I am so so sorry. I know how much of the family a pet can be. Sheena was beautiful.
Jennifer said…
Oh, I'm so sorry, Christa. It's amazing how our pets really become part of the family. Take all the time you need to be sad. :(
Cheryl said…
Oh I am so sorry, Christa. Sheena was a beautiful dog and it is definitely all right to grieve and be sad. Thank you for sharing.

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