Unexpected Moments...

I love moments when I find something unexpected.
Or forgotten.
Just like little surprise presents, sprinkled along the road of life usually littered with "to do" lists, dirty dishes, and piles of unfolded laundry.
That's what makes these moments so special.
Special enough to stop whatever it is I'm doing, grab my camera, and take pictures to savor the moment.

Recently I found such a moment.
While it may seem insignificant to some, it was anything but insignificant to me.
 I was putting away my favorite blue vase.
I opened the lower cabinet of the hutch where I keep various odds and ends.
Leftover wallpaper.

When I found my most recent and forgotten purchase.
One I had carefully stashed away in the lower cabinet.

Aren't they perfect?
I absolutely love the color.
The birds.
The shape of the plates.
And the small white flowers painted in the upper corners.

These plates make me very happy.
They also make me want to have a tea party of some sort.
So I can make a very pretty and delectable dessert to sit on these plates.
Something worthy of  plates this special, as well as the delightful chatter found at tea parties where special and once forgotten plates like these are used.

It is good to be thankful for the little things.
Especially when these little things suggest the possibility of something sweet.
With chocolate.
And icing.


What a wonderful--and beautiful!--surprise! Enjoy them!
His Girl said…
I love it! Just beautiful! I thought 'Little' was going to be in the pic!
Abbi said…
Your plates are indeed beautiful! Perfect for a tea party.

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