Mothers are warmth and laughter mixed with the sweet scent of Bath & Body "Sweet Pea".  They are smiles from ear to ear when you tell them the same story over and over again; and full body hugs that are guaranteed to break the sad right off of ya, while simultaneously warming you all the way down to your toes.
They are the first person to love you, hold you, and witness your presence in this world.  The last person to let go, the longest one to hold on, and the fiercest believers of all who ever called them "Mom."
Mothers are forever.
Even the mothers we have kissed goodbye have left us with the lessons they taught, the tears they cried, and the stories they told.
Mothers have special powers.  They have the ability to believe in you while also knowing full well that you are up to no good at all.  They run on minimum battery power, and they struggle through an on the job training program that is constantly changing.

Mothers are Monday night taco night while you watch The Bachelor together; and "girls only swim days" on a sunny Saturday.  Jokes that only she understands.  Chips and salsa by the pool.  And ice cream sandwiches that remind you of your childhood.
Mothers are the silly moments where you laugh at who you are, who you've become, and what you will one day be.  They are reminders that life is meant to be soft, and tender, and smell like baby powder.  They are laughter and they are tears.  They are Hope and they are Tomorrow.  They are all things good.

At least my mother is.
And hopefully I am too.

Here's to having the best job in the world.
I am a Mother.


DonJen Sanders said…
You and Mom Barbara are two of the best mothers I know. An inspiration to me in different ways.

Love ya
His Girl said…
Awww....One question:
Being a mom is the biggest, scariest, and most awesome job God blesses us with!!
I have loved being Mom to four wonderful kids and wouldn't trade it for anything! Loved your Mom Blog! :) One more question:
How did you ever refrain from including at least ONE excerpt from your MOM STORIES know. .the ones you claim to have your friends rolling in the floor and begging for one more! Lol. THANK YOU!!
Loved this Mom blog and love you with all my heart! ♡♡♡♡♡
Maggie Donoho said…
This is definitely true of the both of you.. Love having you and Nanny in my life and for having a mother like you.

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