All Things Pink...

For the past two weeks I have done everything.
Everything except blog.
I have given the house a thorough cleaning.
Hosted a large Easter dinner in my home.
Taken on teaching a new Sunday School class.
Finished up a mediocre attempt at my school semester.
And began a new business.

I recently became an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.
This is something that I would have never dreamed I would do.  Even though I wear makeup and like all things pink as much as the next woman...

Or at least as much as the next woman who wears makeup and likes all things pink.
(That would be my sister.)
I still would have never imagined myself joining the Mary Kay team.

But then there was this pimple.
It was relatively small and seemed innocent enough.
It made it's home on the lower left corner of my chin and didn't make a huge fuss.
While I wasn't completely thrilled at its arrival, I didn't see it as much of a threat to my overall self esteem and continued life as normal.
Until the pimple went away.
And in its place was a reminder, if you will. A scar.
A brown spot that says "ugly was here."

I tried concealer.
Intense scrubbing and the traditional forms of facial torture.
But to no avail. The pimple had been underestimated. I had been unprepared.
And the lower left corner of my chin now bore the battle scar to prove it.

Enters Mary Kay. (Cue music in background and sparkling pink pixie dust in the air.)
Okay, Mary Kay herself did not show up, rather it was my husband who casually mentioned a Mary Kay beauty consultant at his work.
I instantly remembered the battle scar and the promises I had made to my horrified skin.
I decided to give Mary Kay a try.
After all, consultants could purchase their skin care products at cost, right?
And Mary Kay had to be better than the skin care plan I was currently on.
Which was basically nothing.
On a regular basis.

To make a very long story as short as I possibly can, I completely fell in love with the Mary Kay products.
I noticed a difference in my face immediately.
And I have had way more fun with all the makeup colors than should even be allowed.
After all. It is wrong to play with eye shadow all day and ignore the laundry.
And the children.
I admit that now.
It was a brief lapse in makeup Nirvana and I am once again approaching the concept of balance.
Meanwhile I have met some really wonderful ladies and there has even been talk of a pink car in my future.
I have decided that I am alright with that.
And no one had to twist my arm.
As a matter of fact, I sort of suggested it when I saw the picture of the car.
Alright, moving on...

I just wanted to update you on my life and share with you my new and very wonderfully pink adventure!
And while I can hardly think of Mary Kay without thinking of all things pink.
Like the car.
I promise not to go there again.


I'm back.
Mary Kay Cosmetics is much, much more than just beauty and prizes and really amazing skin care!
Mary Kay spends millions of dollars in product research every year in order to offer the consumer the ultimate in product safety. This also allows for the most current beauty trends while maintaining its already timeless and classic line.
Mary Kay also awards amazing prizes to their consultants while offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to each and every customer.
But, I think my very favorite part about the Mary Kay Corporation is their devotion to women all over the world.
This devotion, combined with hard-working Beauty Consultants and loyal customers, allows Mary  Kay the opportunity to promote three very important and worthwhile causes.
Mary Kay is a strong and generous participant in the fight against cancers that affect women.
Mary Kay is also actively involved in keeping domestic violence shelters open all over the world.
And, last but not least, Mary Kay supports minority owned small businesses.
Like mine.
I am a woman.
I own a small business.
Therefore I have a minority owned small business.

We all have skin.
We all care for our skin.
And we all like to make our skin beautiful. Soft. Scented.
When we purchase our skin care and makeup products from an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, we are helping to fight cancers that attack and destroy women's lives.
We are taking a stand against domestic violence and encouraging women to live lives of freedom and purpose.
We are also supporting small businesses.
And the American dream.
All with the money we would spend anyway.
On our skin.
Which we all have, thank God.

Thank God for skin.
Thank God for companies like Mary Kay.
And for opportunities to make a difference in women's lives.
And for "Neutral" lip liner, "Whisper" lipstick, and "Cream and Sugar" lip gloss.
Those are my current favorites.

Due to the fact that this is a very small blog in the world of blogs, which very few people read, this could not possibly be considered advertisement.
No arms were twisted.
No deals were made.
This is nothing more than the pink and happy rantings of a blogger who finds it hard to contain a good deal when she finds one.
And misses blogging.


sherry said…
You are amazing! Love and miss you terribly.

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