More than just a pair of shoes...

I have this favorite pair of shoes.
A six-year-old pair of "well worn" Birkenstocks 
that I have "well-worn" practically every day of these past six years.
I would be lost without these shoes.
They are a part of me.
Just like really good friendships.
Siblings that choose to love you.
And pets that are convinced they're humans too.

These are the good things in life.

Along with favorite rocking chairs.
That creak just right when you sit in them.
And hug you till you fall asleep,
wrapped in the quilt your sister made.
Just for you.

Or coffee mugs that smile at you every time you go to pick your mug of the day.
And you end up promising all of the other mugs that you WILL pick them tomorrow.
But just for today. You feel compelled to drink out of the Winnie the Pooh mug.

And it would be wrong to not include favorite recipes in the list of things that make life a happy place.
I'm sure you know which recipes I'm talking about.
Yours are no doubt different than mine, 
but they probably look somewhat the same.
Whether it's hand written on a faded note card,
printed out on a blank sheet of paper,
scribbled onto the back of an old Wal-mart receipt,
or part of a well-worn cookbook.
If it is adequately loved,
and most appreciated,
it is wrinkled.
The print is fading.
Perhaps there are notations written off to the side.
Lines drawn.
Changes made.
There are words that are practically indistinguishable beneath the stains 
of chocolate.
Or spaghetti sauce.
Or the dry red wine that makes the cassoulet absolutely perfect.

These things.
And so much more.
Remind me how blessed I am to have been given the gift of life.
How important it is to enjoy it.
And to remember to share it.
With people you love.
And people who need you to love them.

Life is precious.
Life is short.
Life is a gift that should be opened,
received with joy and appreciation,
And shared.

Life comes from God.
It was His idea.
His perfect gift.
And I for one am thankful.


Jennifer said…
What a sweet post! I love the pictures, and I love the cozy feeling your words created. :)
Cheryl said…
Fantastic post, Christa! Really beautiful.

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