The Look of LOVE...

Yesterday I was reminded what love looks like.
Because sometimes when you have been married for more than two years,
Or almost two decades,
the appearance of love will change.
And if one is not careful, it is easy to miss,
or take for granted,
the "little things."

Little Things like...
A certain "Husband" who, after spending all day helping his wife with a garage sale and working on the car in 100 degree heat,
will take said wife shopping for clothes,
just for her.
Followed by a trip to an entirely different mall to purchase for her the only kind of shoes she can wear.
Because she is "comfort challenged" when it comes to foot wear.
And ever so slightly spoiled.

But does she realize that she is spoiled?
It never occurs to her.
She is blissfully unaware.
Sadly, it does not even occur to her when husband takes her to her favorite tea store in the mall,
purchases her favorite tea,
and waits patiently while she ooohs and aaahs over her favorite tea set.
The most beautiful tea set in the world.
The one that causes her to remember,
and to remind her husband,
that her birthday is exactly 36 days away.
Not that anyone is counting.

Not even obliviously, spoiled little wife.

But, I will tell you when it does finally occur to her.
When Husband and Wife are coming out of their favorite chocolate store in the mall.
Each with a small truffle like treasure in their individual golden bags.
He is about to enjoy his chocolate treat, but turns to her first to see if she is going to enjoy hers as well.
Upon finding that she has already enjoyed hers, and is now living with the inevitable remorse of having enjoyed it so quickly,
he offers to share his with her.

Does she accept?
It is enough to realize that she is very, very, VERY loved.
And she finally does.
Realize it, that is.

Her husband is a wonderful man who gives all of who he is, and all of what he has.
He accepts responsibility for all that is his to be responsible for.
And much that is hers.
He very rarely complains.
And never blames.
He offers strength.
Provides protection.
And gives love.
Without regret.
And without doubt.
He is an example of Christ.
And a reminder of how selfless true love really is.

And he is a blessing to this Wife.

Who is ever so grateful.
And happy.

Even though the chocolate is gone.


Jennifer said…
What a beautiful post and a great reminder. I know I married the better half in our relationship--Matt is so kind and patient, and I'm quick to point out his faults forgetting about my own. I know God has blessed me, and I trust He'll keep working in me, as well.

Thanks for inspiring me to live better today! :)
Newlymeds said…
such a sweet and beautiful post! You are a lucky gal :)

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