Summer 2011

Summer was good this year.
While it was unbearably hot and miserably dry, the time spent with family and friends made for a very pleasant few months regardless of Oklahoma's extreme weather tendencies.
By the pool. At the campsite. Around the grill.
The Summer of 2011 was pleasant for us and deserves to be thus noted before it is a distant memory hidden underneath the mounds of snow and ice that have made up the most recent winters in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma is no fair-weather friend. She is all in. 
And lately 100% committed to the season at hand.
If it is summer, she makes every effort to keep it as hot and dry as possible.
Proudly beaming her 110 degree temps by noon at the latest.
Her way of supporting the local swimming pools.
If it is winter, she performs a mighty show of white and ice.
Further supporting Oklahoma's economy by helping to keep ice salt, tire chains, snow shovels, and generators flying off of the shelves.
And this Fall, she simply outdid herself with the most gorgeous display of rusts, browns, reds, and golds.
Perhaps she is worn out after the past few months and will sleep all winter?
Everyone tip-toe as quietly as possible so as not to wake her. Ok?
Because while Oklahoma weather can be completely committed to her season, she can also change her mind as quickly as a woman on a shopping spree.
She is a tad bi-polar, our Oklahoma weather.

But today's post is all about Summer and the many pictures I took of our lemonade-filled, lazy days.
And in an effort to not lose your attention, combined with the fact that I should really get off of my duff and accomplish something today, I will try to keep the picture sharing to a minimum.

We swam a lot this summer... 

And texted equally as much...

We wore big floppy hats.

And enjoyed watermelon.
And lemon cupcakes with coffee in very special Mickey Mouse mugs.

There was cherry cobbler.
Homemade pizza.
And even the occasional salad.

We had late nights with friends.
And long days in the garage.

There was camping.
And Summer Camp.
And Pirate Parties.
And fishing.

There were goofy road trips.
Birthday presents.
Iced coffees.
And hugs from rarely seen teenagers.

All in all, it was a great summer...

The crafts, muffins and finger mustaches were fun.

While the goodbyes were difficult.

The new puppies were precious.

And the self-portraits will forever be priceless.

Looking forward to next year!!


Nicole said…
this is a great ode to summer. . . it just snowed here in iowa for the first time yesterday. ahhh the joys of seasons!

His Girl said…
Awww...what a beautiful and COOL tribute to last summer. I loved all the time at the pool with my kids and grandkids, too! I know I'm your momma and some may say I'm a bit prejudiced, but the truth is I LOVE YOUR WRITING! You are complely awesome! Your stories always make me smile and laugh out loud! Love you!

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