Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving we had four dinners to attend.
One of which we were simply thankful guests.
Two of which I had a role in the preparations.
And one I hosted in our home.
We went out of our way to be "thankful" this year.

And while each of the Thanksgiving meals was special in its own way, one of the things that made Thanksgiving extra special this year was the opportunity to prepare the main Thanksgiving meal with my girl.
She is finally old enough to not only assist me in the kitchen, but she is also old enough to be a very big help.
Her assistance was absolutely invaluable this year.
From making the bread.
To ironing the linens.

And every little and enormous thing in between.

My girl was diligent and cheerful and helped make this Thanksgiving extra special.

Love her.


Ioana-Ionela said…
Lovely pics! kisses
His Girl said…
So proud of my blossoming and lovely graddaughter, Heidi. I know she makes her momma proud! Love your words and pics...every time!

Love you. Momma

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