Today Was Nice...

Today was nice.
It began with sleeping in.
And was followed by an impromptu, last minute shopping spree with my beautiful girl.
The shopping spree included lunch and a Starbucks run. 
A Starbucks run can turn a wonderful day into a fabulous day.
Lattes and Peppermint Brownie Cake Pops are part of this magical process.

The day was made complete with a family dinner at our church and some neighborhood Christmas caroling. 
I had to sit out the Christmas caroling because of a foot injury, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Meanwhile I enjoyed sitting and visiting with friends and family in the cozy church we know as home.
And when the caroling was finished and the hot chocolate was gone, we loaded everyone, plus a couple extra, into the car to head home.

The final installment in the agenda of the day has most recently included a quiet evening at home.
The Husband went Christmas shopping with his brother.
The girl is watching Disney with a cup of cocoa and a snuggly blanket.
And the youngest boy is in his room watching science fiction tv with a couple of friends.
I have cozied up to the computer with a Coke Zero very close by.
There is a good possibility that the Coke Zero will keep me awake way past my bedtime as well as the bedtime of any sane or normal person.
However, when one is addicted to Coke Zero in the way that I am addicted to Coke Zero, lack of sleep is a moot point.
There will be more Coke Zero tomorrow and hopefully those Coke Zero's will be sufficient enough to keep me awake.

I am not certain why I blogged tonight.
I generally wait until I feel I have something heartfelt and inspired to share.
However, tonight I simply felt the need to connect with the outside world and each of my friends who read my blog.
I guess I just wanted to blog something that may be otherwise overlooked because it may seem like an ordinary, everyday thing.
Perhaps we don't give those ordinary and every day things enough appreciation and attention.
What could be better than the fact that I had a lovely day with mine?
That I will fall asleep next to my favorite person in the world.

And before I go to sleep, I will kiss the heads of some of the most beautiful people God ever made.

Bottom line.
Thank you, God.
You are GREAT.
And I am grateful.
Merry Christmas!
And Happy Birthday....

And I love You.


His Girl said…

Your ever faithful reader and Momma

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