Best of My Week in Instagram...

Linking up today with the bea-U-ti-ful Jenni over at Story of My Life!
This is the best of my week in Instagram...
Only it's not really Instagram since I do not own an iphone.
(So, technically this is the best of my week in

Either way, ENJOY!

Me after a great workout at the gym!
My guy was completely right. Exercise is the best ever cure for the winter blues.

My newest and most-favorite-EVER-in-the-whole-wide-world mug.
How can you not be head over heels for this little guy??
Doesn't he look like he has had better days and is doing his best to make it clear to anyone who will notice?
Love him. And his pouty mood.

The world's best mug ever. And a donut with sprinkles.
Just try and get me down.

A 20-year-old that still wants to have lunch and Starbucks with his momma.
My heart smiles.

Meyer lemons in a bowl.
There are few things more wonderful than Meyer Lemons.
I am a happy foodie.

love, Love, LOVE you guys for stopping by!
See you tomorrow!


Victoria said…
I love your post! You are so right, that mug is adorable! Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)

PS. Your son is just waaay too cute, is he single? LOL. No but seriously... is he?

hehe <3 Victoria
Holly said…
Yum. I am jealous of your mini donut!
Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup.

cute photos! and, you coulda fooled me. they look exactly like instagram! :)

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