This is Champ.
He is pretty much awesome.
He is a full blood thoroughbred with a tender heart and a sensitive spirit.
He was my husband's surprise birthday gift to me for my 30th birthday.
He was also my husband's surprise gift to me approximately 3 years later.
Yes, he bought him for me twice.

The second purchase was necessary because after 3 years of frustration I sold Champ.
My thinking being that the issues Champ & I were having were mostly related to the fact that Champ is a thoroughbred and had little to do with the fact that I was a newbie horse owner.
Preettttyyy sure I was wrong.
And every time I remember the day I sold him, my heart hurts a little.

I try not to torture myself with how he must have felt and how confused he must have been.
Or how he remembered and missed me several months later when I went to visit, and how he called to me from clear across the highway.
My heart breaks.
I'm done thinking about that.

Instead I try to remember the night my husband surprised me with him for the second time, how excited I was, and how he told me that he wouldn't purchase him a third time. 
So I had better figure out a way to get along.
I did.
We did.
And we still do.
We get along famously in fact.

He is currently being boarded only 15 minutes from our house, and I go to see him as much as I can.  
We ride.
We walk.
We talk.
Yes, we talk.
I chatter on endlessly about my feelings, my plans, and my endless stream of thoughts. He flicks his ears back and forth to let me know he's listening and every once in a while, he nods his head.

Occasionally and as often as I can, I take people to meet him.
There isn't anyone that meets him that doesn't love him.
It would be difficult not to love Champ.

He takes excellent care of his rider, is willing to work past his fears and choose to trust, and treats kids with extra gentle love and care.
And forgives.
He forgives and forgets.
And that makes him pretty much the best horse. Ever.

Thanking God for him.

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Victoria said…
This post is heart warming, and Champ looks so sweet!! I love horses soooo very much and really hope I can afford to own one one day, and of course, now I'll have you for tips on how to get along with him/her ;)


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