In pictures...

Two days in a row that I've made it to the gym.
Without complaining or blowing it off to sleep in.
Just thought I would throw that in.
It has absolutely nothing to do with today's post.
Unless this post makes no sense at all.
In that case, please blame it on the sheer exhaustion of two days at the gym. In a row.
I'm working on an excuse for tomorrow, by the way.

Apparently everyone in the world, other than me, has instagram.
At first I pretended not to notice. Then I pretended not to care.
Then I cared.
Then I spent far too long trying to make it work on my phone.
Then I realized I don't have an iphone.

Then I found Phixr. And while I'm not sure if Phixr compares to Instagram or is even in the same playing field, I have been having fun with it, and I have been feeling far less out of the loop.
It's almost like being one of the cool kids.
Almost. Those days are over and what's done is done.
I've moved on and who gets to decide what's cool anyway?

Back to Phixr and all the photos that I've been tweaking this week when I should have been blogging.
Keep in mind that I'm a newbie and I really don't have any idea what I'm doing.
Honestly, I just upload the picture and start pressing buttons. When something even remotely interesting or beautiful happens, I call it good and move on to the next picture.

This is the ah-maz-ing Oreo cake we had at one of our recent Monday night dinners.
I haven't blogged about our Monday night dinners yet, but I will very soon.

Don and his parents.
 One of the best things about Monday night dinners is getting to spend time with them.

Our kids.
 Plus one. Minus one.
 The oldest isn't in this picture, but a friend came over when he heard there would be Monday night dinner.

My pretty girl trying to make a heart shape out of her mouth. She saw a similar picture on one of my FAVORITE blogs Story of My Life. Check it out!

Me and my Momma at a Monday night dinner.
Another great thing about Monday night dinners.

My little brother.
 He hadn't been on a horse in for-E-ver.
And he graciously consented to let me put him on mine.
Love this pic!

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you, Lovelies for letting me share my new hobby!
I'll be back tomorrow with Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Erin said…
I didn't make it to the gym today...tomorrow! :)That cake looks awesome...and so sad about instagram :( i am obsessed with it!

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