A little birdie told me...

I was going to blog about not having a great day today and how I can't possibly be the only person in the world who has "meh" days, and how I'm just being real, ok??
And how everyone will just have to deal with the fact that I can NOT be PERFECT all the time!!
Sounds lovely, eh?
Not sure who thinks I'm perfect anyway, but it probably would have been a real page turner. Something to definitely keep you coming back for more on a regular basis.
Way to build relationships and encourage people. Have many friends??

BUT...then there was this bird.
I'm a sucker for birds. Especially birds in the middle of winter.

And this one absolutely parked his little birdie patootie right outside my living room window at the precise moment I was going to "blog-a-plode" all about my downward-ly spiraling mood.
He began singing and talking and telling anyone who would listen to him exactly how wonderful his day has been.  And it was so loud that I was having trouble typing in a straight line, let alone hold on to my quickly disappearing sour mood.
Finally I gave in. He wins.
He is absolutely 100% right.
Life is good despite the fact that I overslept and will most likely spend the rest of the day chasing my tail.
Life is good even though no one took out the trash and I will have to do it myself.
And life is good regardless of the nutrition assignment that I forgot about...the one that begins today.
The one that requires me to write down everything I eat.
This means that I have to write down what I had for breakfast this morning. Shoot.
Chocolate chips. I had chocolate chips for breakfast. I know.
But life is still good.
A little birdie told me so.

And no matter how hard I try to look at the negative, I just can't seem to stay there for very long.
Life is like a gift card to my favorite store. I can spend it on anything I want, but once it is spent, it is gone.
And I just can't bring myself to spend it on regret, fear, depression, bitterness, or worry over a few chocolate chips.
Ok, I might have had slightly more than a few.
Might have.

I have to say that I am glad I didn't blog about my terrible day.
It just isn't nice to go around infecting everyone with my horrible and highly contagious bad mood.
Instead, I'm going to agree with that sweet little bird who is still outside my window making a joyful noise to my God.
The One I should be praising on a regular basis.
It sure beats the heck out of wasting my gift card.

Thank you lovelies, for letting me share! You're the absolute best-est! Ever.
Have an amazing and beautiful day wherever you are!
God is good.

And I'm off to see if there are any chocolate chips left.


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