Monday Nights...

Monday nights are special around here.
It is the one night of the week that we all try to be home to sit around the table for a family meal.
Even the grandparents and sometimes a group of the kid's friends get in on the festivities.
The goal is to make as many memories as possible.
And to fill everyone.
Heart and belly.

There is food.
Mmmmmmm....This is Cajun Pork Pasta.
Maybe some day I'll get organized enough to start blogging some of my recipes.

There is almost always homemade bread.
Which, in my opinion, is the main reason the teenagers come home on Monday nights.
Warm, chewy French Bread. Are you kidding me?

There is coffee with special creamers.

And various desserts.

Oreo cake.
We eat it and weep with joy.
You think I'm kidding...

And the best part.

Lots and lots of smiling faces.

God is good.


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