My First Day of Kindergarten...Again...

Today was my first day of Kindergarten.
And due to the fact that I don't remember a whole lot about my very first, 'first day of Kindergarten' I will have to say that today was my very best 'first day of Kindergarten' ever!

I read books.
Played with blocks.
Sang songs.
Counted to 10.
And had a total of two super-fun recesses.
I also took my lunch in a brown paper sack; however I soon discovered that everyone else has a really cool personal lunch bag.
I think I want one of those too.

There were games, and coloring centers, and giant bright colored rugs to sit on.
And it really should be noted that sitting on the floor, "criss-cross-applesauce" is much easier on the very first 'first day of Kindergarten.'
While I tried not to groan too much on the "up & down", I think the creaking and popping sounds in my joints might have given me away.

When it was all said and done, today was a wonderful, happy, fun-filled, exhausting day.
The entertainment factor was high, the friendships were instantaneous and open-armed, and the hugs were awesome.
The hugs were the best.

All in all, I'm very glad I went back to kindergarten after all these many years.
Who would have ever thought that after homeschooling my own children for so many years and finally getting some quality time with me, myself, and I...that I would actually want to go back and help teach other people's little people?

Who would have thought??

Probably God.
He's full of surprises.
Love Him.

This is me on the way to my first day of Kindergarten.

This is me after my first day of Kindergarten.
Still happy.
But propped up in bed and on a heating pad.
It will take the creaking joints a while to adjust.


Piperville said…
I know you were a Rockstar!! Those kids are lucky to have you!!!
amy johnson said…
Was this a student teaching gig? I taught Kindergarten for a year and LOVED it, but ended up finding my niche in 4th grade! :)

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