My Week in Instagram...

Linking up with oh-so-lovely Jenni over at Story of My Life for
Best of Instagram...
So, here goes!

My precious Momma went with me to visit Champ.
Goooood day.

My sweet sister and her little guy came out to ride Champ on Friday.
Fun, fun, FUN.

We had Cajun Pork for dinner on Monday night.

I forgot to blog.
I also forgot to give myself a pedicure.
But there are some things Instagram just can't fix.

My nephew leading Champ.
Awwww. My heart.

Spending time with my little sister.
Love her.

The lemon cupcakes my girl and I made together.
Can you stand it??

And, that's pretty much it...
Have a fan-TAB-ulous week!!


Just going through the last couple weeks' BoI links and wanted to tell you I SO enjoyed yours. Your pictures and your smile make ME smile. :) Have a great week Christa. :)

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