This is Odell...

This is his picture.
I wish I could introduce you to him in person, but I can't.
He moved on to Heaven without us.
For now.
And he left a large hole on this earth and in our hearts.

Not only did Odell sweep my mom off of her feet, but he made himself at home in our hearts as well.

His selflessness was constant and unmatched.
His giving nature was Christ-like.
And his laughter was contagious.

There are some subjects where words are required. Necessary in fact, in order to get the point across.
And then there are subjects where words can do little justice at all.
Perhaps the feelings and the emotions are still too painful.
The memories too precious.
And the wound still too raw.

I feel this way when I write about my stepfather, Odell.
The tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat compel me to write, yet as my fingers attempt contact with the keys, my heart locks down and begs for mercy.
Baby steps.
Enough for today.

Perhaps a few more pictures in honor of a man so great.
And a request from me to you.
Prayer for my mother as she navigates these waters without him.
Our pain is minimal at best in comparison to hers.

This is Odell.

Oh, how we loved him.
Miss him.
And love him still.


Ana Magdalena said…
I am sorry about your loss!
Britty said…
I'm so sorrry. Losing a loved one is hard, but rejoice that we get to see him again!
Erin said…
He sounded like an incredible man. I am sorry your heart is hurting in his absence :(

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