My Week in Instagram...

Linking up with the lovely Jenni over at Story of My Life for her sixth week of Best of Instagram!
Lately, with my new job, my old schoolwork, and everything else on  my proverbial plate, I have found brief posts and link ups to be one of the only ways I can find time to blog.
It's a crazy spinning world and I'm just doing my absolute best to even stay on the ride!!
So without further ado...
This weeks "Best of Instagram!"

The Mary Kay I received in the mail and spent way too long photographing.
For no reason whatsoever other than that I thought I had a cool idea.
I love getting new makeup in the mail. Even though I hardly wear any at all.

My valentine mani.  I finally took the time to actually do my nails, and I threw in the hearts because I'm a sucker for all things seasonal & sparkly!

Heidi's paper towel tower. Because even paper towels look sort of cool with Instagram-like effects, and because my daughter has a weird obsession with organizing everything except her room.

The chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes I made in honor of the special holiday.

The plate I found in the refrigerator.
The family found the cupcakes.
And left me a note of appreciation.
Love it!

And that's it!!
I will do my absolute utmost to make time to sit down and blog this week!
Unless I get Season 2 of Downton Abbey.
Then I'm afraid you are on your own.

"Your fair-weather friend"


Piperville said…
You are too funny!! I love your creativity!! I bet the kids at school loved the hearts on your nails too!!!
Heidi Newberry said…
Hehehe!! Dad told me not to leave the note but i couldn't help myself:))

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