My Week in Instagram...

I love hooking up with the lovely Jenni over at Story of My Life.
She & hers are good people.
You can check out her ah-MA-zing blog over here, and her mother's precious blog right here.
Absolutely think the world of both of them!

And here it is...
My Week in Instagram-ish Pics...

This is my pretty girl.
We are favorite friends.
I love her heart.

The most perfect "just because" gift in the world.
Love my little sister's heart too.

New York Style Pizza.
Dinner on a very happy night.

Pocket's idea of a relaxing day at home.
Oh my. To be so at ease with life & one's self in general.

My sweet little kitty girl.
We call her "Little Bit"
And "Little Bit-Bit"
And most wonderful kitty girl in the whole wide world.

Oh, the face.
lovelovelove the face.

The Fossil purse I have wanted for-exactly-EVER.
I am married to a wonderful man.

And one more picture of Little Bit.
Some days are just "stare out the window" kind of days.



Jennifer said…
I feel so bad that I have taken this long to stop by. I'm so excited that you are writing more, though! Your posts always make me smile. You find joy in the simple things. And I totally get the joy that's contained in a slice of NY style pizza!

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