New Day...

Don't worry.
Tomorrow is a new day!!
A fresh start.
A new beginning.
Be happy.
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People love to say this when the current day is starting to look old, used up, & somewhat crumpled.

And that's when I want to say, REALLY?
An entire BRAND NEW DAY???
I'm going to bed now so it will come sooner.

And I did.
Only it didn't.
At least not quite how I had envisioned it.

When I awoke on this brand new day, I stumbled into the bathroom & knew immediately that something was wrong.
I was in pain and I'm always in pain in the mornings.
Apparently the new day didn't apply to joints.
No worries. A shower would fix that.
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I gathered my things
 and my high hopes
and proceeded to the shower.
Unfortunately new beginnings do not apply to showers either.
The faucet still leaked.

Perhaps bathrooms in general just aren't a part of the new day policy.
But, just to be certain I checked the toilet.
Darn it.

In addition to the lack of newness in the bathroom, I found that the kitchen floors were still dirty, the dishes were undone, and the bills were still waiting to be paid.
The laundry was as high as it had been on the previous "old" day & the only thing new in the refrigerator was the mold on last weeks leftovers.

No need to go on and on about what the "new day" didn't do to the dust on my furniture, the fingerprints on my windows, or the trash in the back seat of my car.
And you absolutely do not want to hear about the new thighs I did not get on the new day.
No need to buy new pants.

So let's just say this, shall we?
The new day doesn't always bring new circumstances.
It has no tricks up its sleeve, and no magic wand that can be waved over a sink full of dishes.
What it does offer is new perspective.
Another chance.
New opportunities.
Opportunities to try again. Get it right perhaps.
Or get it wrong again. And learn a new lesson.

The point being that change falls into two categories.
It happens to us.
And we make it happen.
Some change happens and we can do little to stop it.
No amount of botox in the world can counteract the natural effect of gravity.
Other changes are the ones we choose and the ones we make.
In order to do this, we need a new day.
A new chance.
A new opportunity.
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And we realize.
Each new day is a gift.
Wrapped up in our perspective.
The day is ours for the taking.
And the making.
And God is good.

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Piperville said…
Such a good story!! I agree!! Life is what we make of it! We all go thru things!! What makes the difference is how we handle them!!

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