A girl scout came up the drive today.
Complete with a red wagon full of cookies,
a tired mother,
and a smile that would break even the hardest of hearts.
We now have Tagalongs in the house.
They are cookie. Peanut butter. And chocolate.
And they make people happy.

I also saw the first Robin of "it's-not-quite-Spring" today.
He was bea-U-tiful.
He just sat there in my already budding backyard & observed the scenery. I believe he was yard shopping for the most appropriate spot to nest this Spring, and I'm delighted that he is considering our yard as a possible future home.
Perhaps I'll fetch a bird house, bird bath, and any other things necessary to go into bird real estate.

And while we are on the subject of birds, and Spring, and how amazingly good God is...
Will you just look at this?

I came home from work the other day to find this wonderful little surprise, along with a "just because" note from my sister.
Her way of reminding me that I'm special.
Awww. Love her.

Life is good.


His Girl said…
Christy, my sweet daughter, I LOVE your blogs! You truly paint pictures with your words. And love the bird mug from your little sister! So sweet! Keep writing! Love you. Momma

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