Everyone needs a George...

This is George.
George is a very important member of the family.
He is also last year's birthday present to "yours truly", and can double as a guard dog, best friend, and comic relief as needed.
Below is a picture of George being a guard dog.

It is a very important job.
And George is the only one who can do exactly whatever it is that he does.

George can smell danger, or dinner, from miles away.
This is George smelling danger.
Or dinner.
It's miles away.
                                       (The threat must be eliminated.
                                                 Or eaten.)

One of George's basic needs is lots and lots of attention, and while he may be a needy dog, George is secure enough with who he is to be able to accept his neediness.

This is George needing, and receiving, lots and lots of attention.

This is George pretending not to need lots and lots of attention.

And this is George giving in to his need for affection.

Playing hard to get is difficult, but it is part of the charm of being George.
Everyone needs a George.


Piperville said…
You are right!! Everyone needs a George!! If they did their lives would be so much happier!!

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