Exactly As It Should Be...

Spring Break was nice.
It was everything it should be and nothing like I thought it would be.
All at once.
In other words, the events we look forward to rarely turn out the way we envision them, but often work out just as well in the end.

I did not recover the rocking chair or organize the pantry shelves.
I never polished the kitchen floor or painted the dining room wall.
The bathroom still needs to be cleaned.
The baseboards and ceiling fans received zero attention.
And my craft projects are in the same condition they were in prior to Spring Break.

However, I did take a short road trip with my husband & daughter.
We saw a Bengal tiger at the Fort Worth Zoo, and found ourselves caught in a rainstorm while window shopping in Sundance Square.

We rode Molly the Trolley through downtown Fort Worth, swam in the hotel pool, and ordered room service in our pajamas.

In addition, the week included dinner with friends,
pajama afternoons,
and several hours of reading.
As well as long conversations,
late night television,
and homemade lemon cupcakes.

While it did rain eighty percent of the time, and it definitely came and went entirely too quickly, it was very much needed.
Much appreciated.
And much enjoyed.

And Summer is only nine short weeks away!


Sounds like a lovely break! I would love the lemon cupcake recipe :)

Excited to be your newest blog follower.

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