This is how you know when you have gone beyond tired and slipped into sheer exhaustion.

After a long week at work, you arrive home to rest for a few minutes before preparing for a much anticipated evening out with the husband.
There will be dinner at a nice restaurant, adult conversation, and possibly a movie and a little shopping.
It would probably be best to change out of the jeans & tee-shirt from the day of work and at least attempt something with a comb & some lip gloss.
In a few moments.
After a very small-ish nap.
(By the way, the smallish nap is a Winnie the Pooh tradition that I am very, very fond of.)

Unfortunately, on this particular occassion, the very small-ish nap turns into something more resembling full-on hibernation.
There is a large fuzzy blanket involved.
And it is probably safe to say that there is drool.

An hour later, husband arrives home to pick up his date for the evening...
In addition, to the "not so Sleeping Beauty" scene that he finds on arrival, arousing fair lady proves to be next to impossible.

I vaguely remember a conversation.
Something about dinner & a movie.
I made promises.
"I'll be ready in a minute..." I said.

Eventually, it was suggested that the movie be put off to another day.
How about just dinner out?
When could we leave?
"I'll be ready in a minute..."

Finally it was decided that perhaps dinner out was also a bad idea...
Was I even hungry?
Did I know who I was?
Would I be interested in take-out & television?
(photo courtesy of easyvectors.com)

Tonight the hubs and I, and the kids, enjoyed tacos for dinner while we watched tv.
We did not go to a fancy restaurant.
We did not have adult conversation.
There was no shopping and no movie.

I did however change out of my jeans and tee-shirt.
Tacos and television really calls for faded plaid pajama pants & an over-sized Mickey Mouse shirt.
Throw in a very small-ish nap and you have the perfect evening.
(photo courtesy of bosettiarttile.com)


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