To blog or not to blog...

There are several reasons that my blogging lacks consistency as of late.
Most of my reasons revolve around an ever changing schedule.
Many of my reasons center around sheer exhaustion.
And some of my reasons are related to laziness, lack of motivation, and fear of being uninteresting.

That being said...
The fact remains that this blog is an important part of my life and I would do well to drop in occasionally to at least jot down a note or two.

Why do I blog?
I see blogging as a way to record a part of this generation's story.
In particular, our family's story. In our own little corner of the world.
From our own little perspective.
And in the end, it will become a part of history.
People a hundred years from now will look back at the many blog postings from this generation and they will learn something about today.

I also see blogging as a way to connect with people I would have never met otherwise.
People in their own little corners of the world.
What a wonderful thing technology is!!
I have chatted with lovely people in the state right next door to mine, and their beautiful momma, and I have also shared moments with new friends on the other side of the pond.
It completely fascinates and thrills me to meet new people through blogging and it makes this big old world feel a little more cozy and connected.

Sometimes I don't blog...WHY?
I could just say, "see above" and you would find my neat and tidy list of excuses reasons why my blogging often lacks consistency.
However, more often than not, the truth lies in the fact that I have fallen into the trap that I fear has snared many a blogger.
Simply put, it is the fear of not pleasing others.
And just so you know, I have sat here for several long minutes trying to come up with a much catchier way to phrase that.
It must be the late hour. I'm all out of juice.

So let's just call it what it is, shall we?
Sometimes I write for the audience.
Not for myself.
Not for my family.
Not for the purpose of telling our story.
But for the same reason that I worry about a clean house, well behaved children, and bad hair days.
What will people think of me??
Who will like me?
Who won't??
And when I don't feel interesting. I don't blog.
Instead, I hold myself and my blog up next to other bloggers and I begin the grueling and painful process of comparison.
Their blog design is much trendier than mine.
Their pictures are better.
Their writing voice is funnier.
They never have bad hair days.
And I don't even own a pair of adorable boots.

In the end, the comparison process succeeds in making me feel like a lesser person, which results in another day that I don't tell a part of our story.
Another day that I don't do something I love.
And another day that I don't reach out to the world I so enjoy being a part of.

Enough is enough.
And please take my advice.
Whatever your passions are, pursue them.
Will there be someone that does it better? Abso-bloody-lutely!
Will there be someone that looks better doing it??
You can count on it!
And she will do it in an outfit you could never pull off anyway.

Will there be failures?
Only if you are alive.
Will there be embarrassments?
Only if you are trying your hardest.
Will you succeed?
Only God knows how your story ends.

The point being this...
Life is a gift.
Don't spend your entire life watching others unwrap their gift.

Open yours and enjoy.
It was made just for you.


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