Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

Today is Thursday and that means it's time for some "Awkward & Awesome!"

So, without further ado, I give you this week's Awkward.
And this week's Awesome.

 - Losing my gi-nor-mous lunch pail at school. Two days in a row. Who loses their gi-nor-mous lunch pail at school? Two days in a row. Unless you are under the age of five, this just doesn't make sense.
 - Calling to ask the pharmacist if two of my meds will conflict and having to explain where I heard a crazy thing like that. The internet. And, no I don't believe everything I read online, thank you very much. Just this.
 - That moment when I also have to explain all the concerns I have to my doctor. The ones I read about online. Medical professionals love me.
 - Listening to the kindergartners in my class complain about the odor in the classroom, while I'm wondering if I can slip my shoes back on without anyone noticing.
 - Changing clothes so many times before work this morning that I forgot I was wearing a bra that should only be worn under dark shirts. Spending the entire day trying to cover the houndstooth print that was blaring out from beneath my shirt. It should be noted that it is very difficult to make covering your chest area look natural over long periods of time. Say eight hours.

 - Working with some pretty amazing people. The kind that don't care if your houndstooth is showing.
 - Having a big salad for lunch. Two days in a row.
 - Finding the gi-nor-mous lunch pail. Both days. It was right where I had left it and exactly where it shouldn't have been.
 - Receiving a freakin' awesome camera in the mail because my husband is good.
 - Having a big salad for dinner. Two times in one week. Yep. Love the big salad.
 - Pickles. Anytime.
 - Friends that love you all the way from Minnesota and miss you just as much as you miss them.
 - Rose bushes that bloom with complete abandon.
 - Early Easter bunny baskets filled with chocolate. Just because.
 - Owning a houndstooth bra. Makes me feel special.
And awkward. But special nonetheless.


Thank you ever so much for stopping by...see you tomorrow!


Piperville said…
Your blog ALWAYS makes me smile!! I love reading them!!

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