I watched my son and his band play tonight.

Yep. They're pretty much amazing.
I think it was heavy metal?
I'm not really certain because the names for these things change with time.
At any rate, his band would have been called heavy metal when I was cool.

Yes I was.

As I was saying....
I watched my son and his band play tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I came home with a happy heart, a new CD, and slightly less hearing ability than I had before.
But, that's ok.
Because of the happy heart.
And the stickers that came with the CD.

Back to "as I was saying..."
On the way home from the concert, the one thing that kept resounding in my head (in addition to the final song), was how happy it made me to watch my son in his element.

The kid is pretty much ah-MAY-zing on the guitar, but it wasn't just that.
It was more than that.
It was the fact that I was seeing him happy.
Doing what he loves.
Loving what he does.
Enjoying life, his abilities, and just knowing who he is.

It made me think about what I've been thinking about lately.
If it makes me smile that much when I see my kid being himself...
How big is God's smile?

Just sort of makes you think...


His Girl said…
I'm sorry I wasn't there! I am so proud of Austin! He has awesome
talent on the guitar! His own brother told me once that he thought Austin was the best player he knew. Pretty cool coming from a brother, huh?
Love you, Austin! Nanny
Heidi Newberry said…
Hey! Where are those stickers you promised I could have some so pay up!!! Lol.....but seriously:(

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