The air conditioner in the house went out.
Both air conditioners in the house went out.
This means we will have to get one of them fixed and replace the other.
This will cost more than a few dollars.

My husband's van broke down on his way home from work today.
Which resulted in him walking until I could get all the way across town to pick him up.

I spent two days in the hospital last week for what they thought was mono.
Today when I saw the doctor, he informed me that it wasn't mono after all.
This is both good and "could be better."  In other words...we still don't know exactly what is going on.

I had to resign from teaching my Sunday School class at church because of the health issues I've been facing, and the ladies will be sad and disappointed.
I really hate letting people down.

In addition to so much wonderfulness, my daughter's ceiling fan quit working, the microwave burned up, and my tulips died.
There are bugs in my house from the open windows, someone dirtied the floor I had just cleaned, and my dog walks with an unexplained limp.
I meant to start a diet today and forgot, I neglected to respond to an important text, and I chewed off at least three nails without even realizing it.
The shower is a mess.
There is cat hair on the bed.
And the back lawn is only half mowed.

I feel better now.
Sometimes my cheerfulness concerns even me.
Just checking to see if I'm real.
I am.
And God is still good.

Have a good night all!


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