Just Dropping In...

Is it Thursday??
Oh, thank gooooodness it isn't.
My goal is to start "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays" back up and for a second I thought I had completely missed it.
This week has been crazy. I'm relatively sure I'm living in the Twilight Zone right now, and since I pretty much slept from the moment I got home from work up until a short while ago, I'm an extra special confused version of myself tonight.

Thankfully there is Tylenol PM.
I took one a short while ago and I plan to curl up soon with a favorite blanket, favorite man, and favorite stuffed animal.
Don't laugh about the stuffed animal.
He's a well-worn out, thoroughly loved Winnie the Pooh bear, and everyone has their little secrets anyway.
Except for me.
Because now you know.

Like I said, don't laugh.

I'll be back tomorrow with Awkward & Awesome!!
Hope you'll be here too.


Heidi Newberry said…
You forgot... your alergic to Tylenol PM:)

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