Speaking of value....

How do we measure value?

I suppose it would depend on the subject at hand.  If we were discussing the value of a piece of pottery, for example, we might all agree that the lesser the crack, the better.  After all, a piece of pottery that leaks each time you use it, is a piece of pottery that has seen better days.  However, throwing away said pottery may not be the best option.

Few things are more lovely than a worn piece of something or other that serves to remind us of better days, simpler times, the people we loved & the things we cherished.
In that case, the cracked piece might do well to adorn a mantle or a special place in great-grandmother's hutch.
Undoubtedly it would depend on the personal taste of the individual who owned the pottery as well as the level of sentimentality attached to the piece.
Which brings us back to the point of this post.

Have you ever noticed that we live in a society that thrives on personal attention?
And certainly our world has always been this way, I am not trying to say otherwise; however, I am attempting to say this.
It seems that few of us are truly concerned with anyone other than self.
Shocking, I know.
Bear with me for just a moment.
I don't intend for this to get too preachy.
I am sort of just thinking out loud anyway and I appreciate you listening.

The flowers?
Oh, those are just a thank you.
For you.
For listening.
Because I plan to drone on a bit.

Back to my never ending point.
What I am trying to draw attention to is the fact that while we human beings are generally and primarily concerned with self, we are equally as unaware of who we truly are.
In other words, few of us really know the "self" we so eagerly boast of.

Since you are bearing with me anyway, allow me to share a few examples...
My facebook statuses, twitter updates, and blog posts may be all about me, however they are more about the "me" I want you to see than they are about the true me.
Perhaps this is partly because the true me wonders (like everyone else) if I have any value at all.  And somewhere inside of each of us we believe that if we can get others to approve of us, we have obtained value.
Even if our attempt to gain approval is by pretending that we don't need to gain approval.
I know.
We are a confusing lot.

But, let's face it.
We do care about what others think of us.
Each of us do.
So much so that we spend more time worrying about what others do or don't think of us and less time getting to know the "us" God created.

This is a problem.

Consider this.
For those of us who have believed and received Jesus as Lord of our lives, we have an amazing gift.
Not only is He with us.
Day in.
And day out.
But, we also have the assurance that He works all things out for our good and He has an amazing plan for us.

Perhaps we are valuable?
Possibly we are worth getting to know?
He certainly seems to think so.

So, I believe that for today my wandering thoughts are going to land on this...
Everywhere we go and in everything we do, no matter what...
We are with two people.
God and self.

How well do we know either?
I know, with the flowers again
But, I really do appreciate you listening.


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