An Understatement

To say that I love this man would be an understatement.

To tell you that we had a wonderful time together in Branson this past weekend, would be barely skimming the surface of how wonderful it was to just be together.
After 15 years of marriage.
And never a weekend alone.
Oh my, have we been missing out.

There is just something so peaceful about getting away from it all with your best friend.
And these are a few of the pictures I took of me and my best friend doing just that.
We were away from it all.

Which is why we wore hats.
No one knows you when you are away from it all, and you can pretend that you are someone else.
Someone who wears really cool hats.

We also stayed up late, swam in the pool, and drank coffee on our private balcony.
There was shopping, and conversation, and way too much junk food.
Romance, and laughter, and lots of memory making.
Exactly as it should be.

And while we are sad that it is over...

We are also happy that we stopped for just a bit to find one another again.
And we like what we found.

Like I said before....
To say that I love this man would be an understatement...


His Girl said…
May I be the first to say how happy I am that you finally had this way, way overdue special time alone together?? Fifteen years is much too long, but now that you've had it, I have a feeling it will become a once a year least. :)
Every couple should have a renewal together! What a beautiful way to remind us how much we really, really love that guy or gal we live with every day!! Love you both! Mama
Jennifer said…
I'm glad you had that special time together. Matt and I are going away for our ten year anniversary, and I'm hoping we'll have much the same experience of reconnecting.

You two are very cute!

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