I have a few songs that I've written over the past few years.
Most of them short little song babies that will require attention in order to grow up into full grown songs.
Most of them also fall into the praise and worship category, focusing on God's word and promises.
They are near and dear to my heart.
Just like His word.

Then there is this song.
It surprised me.
I was on the way to the chiropractor when I wrote the first half of it and I was waiting to be seen, in the chiropractor's office, when I wrote the second half.

Later that night I sang it for my two amazing musicians (sons), and they put guitar music with it.
Since then we have discovered that it is best sung in the key of C and even better when one of my musicians (sons) sings with me.

And here it is.
It could still use a little fine tuning and some polishing, but all in all, it isn't half bad.

Link to song... "I'm Gonna Miss You"


Jennifer said…
Wow. You guys are one talented family! I enjoyed your song--you have a really nice voice (and you're very brave for sharing. I would be too scared, but, then again, that's probably because I don't have a really nice voice) :)

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