A cookout and the little car

Saturday night my cousin and her husband welcomed all of the cousins, neices, nephews, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and etceteras into their home for a family reunion/amazing bbq.

And I definitely plan to post all about the event...complete with pictures of happy faces, volleyball games, and a mean smoked brisket.

But first.
The little car.

My grandfather built this little car over 50 years ago out of a lawnmower and a washing machine, and he has not only kept it running all these 50 years but has recently given it a spiffy new paint job and tune up for the great grandkids.
So in addition to the bbq post, I also plan to put together a very special post detailing this little car and the man who built it.
But for today...
Just a few precious pictures of happy great grands and a very loved, very old, very happy little car.

Thank you for stopping by..
More to come!


Cynthia Pruitt said…
I know about this little car. You see, I remember being disappointed because it didn't look like Santa's sleigh with red cushioned seats. Oh, well. I remember how much fun it was driving it around the yard.

Who are these two children?
Ruthie Hart said…
omg that is the cutest thing ever! I can see Jon wanting to build something like this when we have kiddos
christine donee said…
those are two lucky kids! what great memories!
Ava said…
I can't believe that is an old lawn mower and washing machine...your grandfather had an eye. Nice shots.
Newlymeds said…
beautiful photos!

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