Beautiful faces and vintage cars...

Today I traveled to a little old car lot..
in a little old town...
close to my sister's house.
There I met with my a dear friend and my sweet only sister.
We had each packed up cargo and crew early in the morning
in an effort to catch the clear morning light and hopefully a few soft summer breezes.
Apparently we didn't "hope" hard enough?
Because it was h-o-t.
But make the best of it we did, in order to photograph happy summer faces among these well worn out, vintage vehicles.
And I'm pretty sure it worked.

Here are just a few of the pictures I captured.

Oh my how I love these old cars.
I can't help but wonder how many miles of road this car traveled, family vacations it saw, and lovers it held.

This is my pretty, pretty girl.
Her heart is truly as beautiful as her face.
Love her.

And this boy.
He makes me laugh.
And holds my heart.

What can I say??
I love the sweetness of my nieces face and the way she held the flowers so carefully and posed ever so perfectly.
But his face.
oh my his face.

These two are mine.
They are my youngest.
And, yes, they think everything is funny.
Including pictures with a bunch of old cars.
Apparently that is hilarious.

Ok, girl has got style.
What I forgot to catch was the fabulous purse that matched the bracelets.
And the headband.
And you get the picture.

This is one of my favorites.
Partly due to the vintage appearance of the car.
But mostly due to the quilt.
My sister made it.
She is a beautiful and thoughtful person.

Summer grass and bare feet.
And a yellow toy truck.
Few things in life are more important than these.

Again with this face.
It slays me.

It was a beautiful day.
Full of beautiful people.


His Girl said…


What an amazing photographer you have become, Christy! Proud of you!
And you had beautiful, precious little people to work with! Really cool
vintage vehicles, and really, really, cool the two wonderful mamas who are
behind the scenes. And coolest of all, four of our adorable
grandchildren just being their cute little selves!
Jennifer said…
Great I want a share of the location! What a perfect picture spot!!!
Ruthie Hart said…
omg! that car is amazing! and your camera skills rock!
Heidi Newberry said…
Awww thanks:) And it wasn't the CARS it was the pozes (excuse my spelling) anyway they kinda were hilarious!!

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