Food, Family, and a Full Heart...

My heart is full.
As is my stomach, because tonight was our weekly family dinner.
And while the food didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, the company completely made the evening.
It's not every week that I get my entire crew around the dinner table at once.  Those days have been long gone for a long time.
But, once a week I host a large meal in hopes to catch at least a handful of them for an hour or so.
There are few things that make me happier than family.
And good food.
And sharing good food with family.

Below are some of the pictures I took today as my girl and I prepared the meal, as well as several pictures from this evening.
All courtesy of Instagram and its lovely view of the world...

Some of the fresh produce my mother-in-law dropped off today because she is wonderful.
And because she knows that I'm a sucker for fresh summer bounty.
Most of it starred in the meal.

My pretty girl and her "chef look."
She really is a lot of help in the kitchen.

My oldest with his lovely girlfriend.
We really think the world of her.

By the way, she's quite the hugger.
And she's working on breaking Don in.
He doesn't look like he minds too much!

Grandpa doesn't look too disappointed either, does he?
A hug from a sweet girl makes the world alright.

There was also one of me getting in on all the hugging that was going on.
But I have a stupid smart phone.
And it hates me right now.

Just picture me if you will...I have no makeup on, I'm exhausted, and tired, and worn out.
And exhausted.
And worn out.
And I'm tired.
But I'm happy. And I have no makeup on.
I'm also hugging the sweet hugger.
Did I mention we think the world of her?
We do.

And here are my boys.
Plus one. The really really tall one.
We love him too.
He's just like family.
Only taller.

Did I mention that my heart is full?
It is.
If I do nothing else right.
Or nothing else wrong.
Or nothing else at all.

I have all of this.
And my heart is full.


Kristin said…
Beautiful thoughts. I love that you have an "open house" policy in hopes of catching as much family in as possible. It's so hard to coordinate a time for everyone in our family too, but something like this, just might work for at least SOME of us getting to see each other every once in a while! Thank you for the inspiration :-)
Kathi said…
Everything about this post made me smile.... :-)
Heidi Newberry said…
Haha!! This cute!! OH, and thanks for the akward picture of me kind of laughing....and yeah i have been cooking since i was like five it would be tragic if i hadn't learned a ton!!!!!!!!:)

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