if you REALLY knew me...

Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed Kristin's "If You Really Knew Me" post and today I loved every minute of Jenni's.
I had to copy.
It was too cute not to.
And it's the right thing to do.

So here goes...

if you REALLY knew me you would know that I...

  • DESPISE housework, but somehow manage to keep a clean house. my secret? probably no different than most peoples... I stuff it all in drawers, under the bed, and behind the doors. Wipe down the counters, have someone else run the vaccuum, light a couple candles... voila! Clean. you may now come visit.
  • am addicted to pickles. I would seriously drink the juice if it wasn't so high in sodium.
  • eat in my sleep. yep, i have been known to wake up with a cookie in my hand. so sad.
  • have the attention span of a goldfish. seriously. my "growing dust" hobby list is GI-NOR-MOUS.
  • love my horse.
  • enjoy learning. especially history. and math. and the Russian language.
  • love, Love, LOVE to teach anything at all. I just really enjoy seeing the light come on for someone. teaching is addictive!
  • wish that smoking wasn't so bad for you. Miss it.
  • love the freedom of breaking all the grammar rules in text, facebook, and blog. makes me feel like a rebel. 
  • constantly forget to change my sheets. i know. bad housewife. see #1.
  • love the smell of a pipe.  
  • love, Love, LOVE Jesus.  His love and sacrifice for me completely overwhelms me and I find it hard not to be drawn to Him on a daily basis.
  • heart Coke Zero.
  • struggle with my health. a lot unfortunately. Especially lately. I only mention it because it is a part of the life I live and my daily routine. It's sort of hard to identify with someone if some of the relate-able things are kept hidden.
  • go as long as I can between haircuts so that I can see an actual change.
  • thoroughly enjoy reading historical fiction, watching sci-fi television, and am considering the Harry Potter books. pretty sure that I won't turn into anything evil if I read them. despite what I've been told.
  • would love to either own a ranch. or a vineyard. or live at Disney World.
  • have a birthday in only six small days

And, that's about it!
At least all that I'm willing to share today.
You only thought you knew me. :)


Angie said…
Ok, so I knew 10 of those things!!!
Kristin said…
Oh how fun! I'm so enjoying reading all of these "If you knew me" posts... I love the smell of pipe smoke too, and no, I don't think you'll turn into anything evil if you read the HP books. I haven't. And I re-read them all the time :-). Still normal (I think?!) Ha! Happy early birthday to you!
Heidi Newberry said…
Well an update on the HP books me and mom haven't turned into anything evil i mean i think we would known...Right? Anyway were on the fifth book and we now compete to see who can finish it first. She has won some....and i have almost won others..(quote: megamind)<3<3

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