In Other News...

In other news, here are some of the more recent happenings in the Newberry home.
Thanks to the creative design of Instagram and its filtered view of the world, we look positively

Don's parents came over for a Father's Day cookout.
Love seeing these two together.
Notice the bag of water pennies in the background.
It works.
No flies.

This is me with boy #2 on the 4th of July. Love that absolutely adorable kid!
If he isn't cute, I resign as a mother, because I don't know what is.

Mid summer trips to the mall with friends are crucial in order to combat boredom.
Please note the amazing sense of personal fashion and style to the right of the picture,
while those to the left of the picture are going with the "I'm up. What more do you want?" look.

This is the oldest.
He is my favorite firstborn in the world.
This is also a picture of his adorable girlfriend.
We had just met her that night and we were all immediately smitten.

Our pretty, pretty girl.
Who happens to look ah-may-zing in pink.
In other news, I don't.
look ah-may-zing in pink.

This is boy #3.  He used to be a baby and I begged him not to grow.
He is now taller than me and no longer needs arm floaties.
Like his siblings, he also owns my heart.
And refuses to wear the floaties.

Until tomorrow...
Or Monday...
Give or take a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by!!


love all the pictures. It's hard to believe your kids are so grown up. I love your way with words. Thanks for posting. Oh by the way, Bag of pennies?? Please give more information. What do you mean "NO FLIES"?
So good to hear from you, Stephen!!
On the "no fly" trick...just fill a ziploc bag with water, add five or six pennies, & hang near outside door.
Keeps the flies away.
Maybe it has something to do with the way they see things with all their eyes, combined with the way the pennies reflect off the water & the bag??
Hope it works! We do it every year now.

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