on birthdays and feeling real...

Tomorrow is a pretty special day for me.
Tomorrow I turn 38!
And my kid took this pic.
I apologize for the blurry.

But, Wow.
I remember when I couldn't wait to turn 30 because I wanted to feel like a real adult.
And here I am... winking at 40 and I am starting to feel very, very real.
Oh, well.
At least there will be presents.
And cake.
Birthdays are a beautiful thing.

Despite what my daughter said when I reminded her of my upcoming special day...
"What? You're having a birthday?? No, that's not possible.
 I distinctly remember you having one last year."

Very funny.

So tomorrow I may not be around here much.
I plan to have lunch with my mom and most of the women in our family plus some.
I plan to have dinner with the husband and kids tomorrow night.
I plan to relax.
And open presents.
Maybe go for a swim.
And eat too much cake.

See you all on Wednesday!!


Kathi said…
I hope you had a blessed birthday!! And 38? Well you are just a spring chicken! Lookin' good! Hope the year ahead brings many wonderful things to you...
Heidi Newberry said…
Well how was I supposed to know it was an annual thing!!:)

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