A four letter word...

It's a four letter word around here.
I have always hated it, dreaded it, and been willing to do most anything to get out of it.
While some people get great pleasure out of scrubbing, disinfecting, and polishing, I prefer things like reading.
I know. Bad housewife.


So, one day I'm praying and I'm asking God for help.
I had already asked him to magically clean my house, but since He didn't answer that one with anything more than a "aren't you a funny girl?"  I had to resort to other tactics.
So I asked Him to help me see my life and my calling the way He sees it.
Help in learning how to organize my days and how to live in the moment intentionally. And with purpose.
I was weary of always feeling behind.

And then I ran across this blog about cleaning and organization. 
And a lightbulb came on.
You couldn't really tell though because no one ever dusts the lamps around here, but there was a dim glow and I put two and two together. 
I'm smart like that.

Basically, the gist of it is that you deep clean all year long by tackling one room a week.  In addition to your daily cleaning routine, you work a little each day on the room you have chosen for the week. You have an entire week to get this room cleaned which allows you to break it down into sections and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

So I have been trying it for the last couple days and I am hooked.

I love having a set task for the day because this not only gives me direction but it also frees me from feeling obligated to do more.
I walk by the dirty baseboards in the bathroom and I think...no big deal. I'll get to it in a few weeks.
I notice the windows in the dining room need a thorough cleaning. 
No problemo.
Just not today.
I ignore the fingerprints on the walls, the dust bunnies in the corners, and the drawers that need organized.
I glide past the disheveled utility room and float serenely by the untidy medicine chest.

I am free.
Free from guilt.
Free from unnecessary obligation.
Free from "busy" and "too much" and "I can't do it all, I give up."
I couldn't be happier and I am actually enjoying housework for the first time ever.
And birds follow me around in song everywhere I go.
You think I'm kidding. I can tell.

I know what else you are thinking.
God cares about your cleaning routine?
Yes, I believe He does.
He cares about anything that I care about and I care about having a clean home.
He also cares about seeing me free from anything that takes away from my quality of life and guilt has always been  a big scary monster in my life.

I have a favorite verse.
It is in Isaiah chapter 42, verse 16.
It basically says that when there are areas in my life that I don't know what I am doing or where I am going....
God knows what He is doing and where He is going and He is more than ready to walk me through these areas.
It also says that He won't forsake me.
Which is good to know since I'm the one not knowing where we are going.

I am grateful for His help.
And thankful for a God that will help me with anything.
Even housework.


I didn't know we had a medicine chest?

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